Helping accomplished pre-retirees elevate their financial position so they can live their dream retirement

Providing security and peace of mind to investors and retirees since 2008

Most people mean well with their retirement planning but keep putting it off. Even still, where do you start?

Planning for Prosperity is an established financial planning firm that specialises in providing strategic advice to accomplished individuals to successfully plan for and manage their retirement assets so they have peace of mind.

Our engagement goes much broader than your investments and insurance. While we have strong philosophies in these areas, our advice that encompasses your entire situation. We’re able to add far greater value to your overall position by identifying your goals and utilising the appropriate financial strategies that will help you to achieve them, rather than focusing on products.

We are strategic in our thinking and application in managing unnecessary fees and taxes to demonstrate tangible value. 

We know you want transparent and honest advice that will put you in a better position. Our services are conveniently offered online and in person.

We’re fussy about what we do and are always personal, caring and thorough.

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Before meeting Daniel I was not sure about my financial future and was not sure about growing my assets with a view to retirement. With the great financial crisis of 2008 I had lost a sizeable sum of money and was ready to remove myself from investments in general.


The strategies that have been put in place by Daniel and his team has made me feel very positive moving forward. I have great faith in the advice that I receive and would recommend their services without hesitation. They really are a wonderful people to deal with.


Bob and Daniel were recommended to us by family members who have been seeing them for some time. Their listening skills, compassion and expertise is second to none.


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