Before meeting Daniel I was not sure about my financial future and was not sure about growing my assets with a view to retirement. With the great financial crisis of 2008 I had lost a sizeable sum of money and was ready to remove myself from investments in general.

Daniel has helped with looking at long term investments holistically and creating a secure financial future without missing out on holidays and finer things in life. I have seen the whole experience as holistic and enjoyable, looking at what I want personally and financially for myself and my family. It has been a matter of matching my finances to the goals I have wanted to achieve over the last 8 years and with regular updates, I have been able to successfully have reasonable investments to provide for my retirement while enjoying a comfortable lifestyle including travel. 

I feel secure financially and know that I am on the right track for my retirement. I could not have done this without Daniel’s help.


I did not feel I was a valued client by my previous adviser and the focus was more about earning commission. In the short time that I have been dealing with Daniel and his team I feel I have a greater understanding of my financial future and the plans that have been put in place. This makes me feel very secure. It has given me a great feeling of security and I now know what it is liked to feel like a valued client. Everyone has been so very warm and friendly and always ready to answer all of my questions. 

The strategies that have been put in place by Daniel and his team has made me feel very positive moving forward. I have great faith in the advice that I receive and would recommend their services without hesitation. They really are a wonderful people to deal with.

SUE BAILEY, Adelaide

Prior to enlisting the services of Bob and Daniel we were stumbling along with succession planning, personal financial planning and attempting to understand the superannuation investments that we had.

If there was a just-in-time scenario, it was us. With the advice we needed we were able to save thousands of dollars in fees and taxes relating to our superannuation alone. We restructured finances to better reflect our personal and family goals, and moved on with our succession planning after family consultations facilitated by Bob and Daniel.

We received exceptional service. Professional, prompt, thorough and fair to all involved. Bob and Daniel took the extra time needed to understand a complex family business.

Now I know we are doing the best we can for ourselves and our family. The trust and friendship developed with Bob and Daniel allows us to work together towards common goals.

Karen and Graham Warren, Yorketown

Right from my first meeting with Planning for Prosperity, Daniel was very open with me and has taken me through the process carefully and caringly with the aim to provide the best financial advice.

With only a few years before my retirement, Daniel has placed a light at the end of the dark financial tunnel I was facing.

Planning for Prosperity assisted me in making the right choices regarding my superannuation and personal debt.

John Kelly

We were very concerned about our finances, unsure of where to go or how to achieve our financial goals. We could have continued doing what we were – which was basically nothing and getting nowhere fast.

I knew we could achieve more than we were but just had no idea how to go about it. Bob and Daniel have set us on the right path to achieve our financial goals. We are now on a clear path that we are both happy with. We are so much more relaxed about our financial situation. Their advice has been invaluable.

Bob and Daniel are both fantastic to deal with. We are very happy with the amount of time, empathy and experience that was put into helping us. They have taken us in a direction we had no idea we could go in and couldn’t be happier. Would recommend them to anyone.

Bob and Daniel were recommended to us by family members who have been seeing them for some time. Their listening skills, compassion and expertise is second to none.

Tim and Linda Jones, Adelaide

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