Grain fieldLast week we spent three days speaking to people at the Yorke Pensinsula Field Days in Paskeville.

This was a great opportunity for us to leave the city and see what new products and services are being offered to the rural community.  Each time, the event seems to get bigger and better from a variety of exhibitors.

Our stand promoted our services in the areas of rural succession planning and alternative strategies for purchasing farm land, which opened the door to some interesting discussions with passers-by.  It was also provided us with a good opportunity to say hi to some of our existing clients.

Like most forms of advertising, we tend to ignore or not hear the message if we are not in the market for the particular product or service at the time, but amazingly our ears ‘prick up’ when we are.  It was interesting to see this happen with the text on our banner displays.  We found that many younger farmers were attracted to the words ‘succession planning with peace of mind’, quite possibly because they were in a situation where this needed resolving.

Thankfully, we were blessed with great weather, which at times became a little too warm in the Grant Pavilion.

We hope to see you all again in two years’ time.

Daniel Budreika