How death makes partners poorer

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How death makes partners poorer

DYING is bad for your health, and can also do some unpleasant things to your family’s wealth. While the impact of an unexpected death for young families is obvious, older Australians can also suffer financially on several fronts when their partner dies. Knowing the rules, and how to work around them, is the key to leaving as much money as possible for loved ones. Death […] Read More >

Dont throw assets away for Jan 1 Centrelink changes

RETIREES worried about tougher new age pension rules are trying to lower their Centrelink-assessable assets through buying funeral bonds and other strategies. In a recent article published in by Anthony Keane, several Financial experts including David Koch and Planning for Prosperity’s own Bob Budreika were interviewed on the impact of the impending Centre-link entitlements and […] Read More >

Centrelink changes from 1 January 2017

centre link changes

Centrelink changes to impact retirees We usually discuss a range of financial issues in our monthly articles.  This month we’ve decided to focus on the Centrelink changes as they will affect those retirees in your community or those that will be applying in the near future.  Even if you aren’t receiving Centrelink you’ll appreciate the […] Read More >

Happy New Year!

Planning for Prosperity's new office

After a pleasant end-of-year break we are back into the swing of things.  Nobody from our team went away anywhere exotic (…boo) but it was still nice to have a few weeks off. All good things come to an end As our existing clients will know by now, we have started 2015 by relocating to […] Read More >

Planning for Prosperity featured in Planning Industry Website

Planning for Prosperity was recently featured in financial planning industry website, Professional Planner.  The article discusses the reasons for adopting our business model, internal processes and how this benefits our clients.  It contains a bit of industry jargon but the context can be understood. Read the article here   Read More >

Yorke Pensinsula Field Days in Paskeville

Succession Planning for Farming Families

Last week we spent three days speaking to people at the Yorke Pensinsula Field Days in Paskeville. This was a great opportunity for us to leave the city and see what new products and services are being offered to the rural community.  Each time, the event seems to get bigger and better from a variety […] Read More >

Investing for Income or Growth

In my 20+ years experience in the financial services industry, it’s not uncommon to come across people who’ve not considered all aspects of investing apart from the primary goal of making money. Until recently, you could have almost invested in any area and made money.  Even a drover’s dog did well.  However, since the global financial […] Read More >

What is the impact without insurance?

In thinking about our article for this month, I decided to write about a topic that most people prefer to avoid… personal insurance. I started in the financial services industry in 1988 when the focus was on selling financial products like insurance, superannuation and investments.  I’m sure that there are plenty of readers who can […] Read More >

The mechanics behind interest rates

Most people believe interest rates are determined by the Reserve Bank as a result of monthly board meetings.  The primary functions of the RBA are to issue currency and conduct monetary policy in order to achieve the nation’s economic objectives.  What is not well known is that the Reserve Bank only controls short term rates […] Read More >

Federal Budget 2014 – Key changes to superannuation

The Labor Government recently announced the details of their federal budget that will come into effect should they be re-elected.  While we encourage you to have a look at the whole summary, we thought it would be worthwhile to highlight a couple of the changes to superannuation and how they may affect you, particularly if […] Read More >

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