Dont throw assets away for Jan 1 Centrelink changes

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Dont throw assets away for Jan 1 Centrelink changes

RETIREES worried about tougher new age pension rules are trying to lower their Centrelink-assessable assets through buying funeral bonds and other strategies. In a recent article published in by Anthony Keane, several Financial experts including David Koch and Planning for Prosperity’s own Bob Budreika were interviewed on the impact of the impending Centre-link entitlements and […] Read More >

Income outlook worsens for older Australians

Bob Budreika is quoted in this article on the worsening financial outlook for aging Australian baby boomers Age Pension changes may reduce retirees incomes Added pressure is coming from age pension changes that will knock thousands of dollars off the incomes of many retirees in 10 months’ time, while some popular shares owned by […] Read More >

The Merits of Renting Versus Buying

Should first home buyers have access to their super?

On our recent visit to the Eyre Peninsula, we heard a recurring theme: “We’re looking a buying a property in Adelaide”. This is no surprise, as the banks are more deeply leveraged into residential lending than ever before.  We have seen the slice of bank residential lending swing from roughly 30% of all loans in […] Read More >

The great complacency of Australia

Dog Days by Ross Garnaut

I recently finished reading a great book titled ‘Dog Days’ by Ross Garnaut. While it might have a fiction sounding title, it’s a non-fiction economic book. Ross Garnaut is very well known as a Professor, Government adviser and Board member of several well known Australian companies. For some time I’ve held the same view as […] Read More >

Creating Disciplines

The value of saving

If there’s one simple and effective financial strategy that is sure to work it’s about creating a discipline. I’ve been in the financial planning industry for almost 26 years and what stands out more than anything is the difference in peoples’ attitudes towards investing and saving over that time. I joined the industry at an […] Read More >

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