Why seek financial advice?

Finding the time to understand everything impacting your financial future can be time-consuming and difficult to know what you should do to ensure you are in a better financial situation.  Working with us gives you the benefit of a valuable partnership – utilising our knowledge, experience, insights and practical ideas whilst remaining in complete control of what happens with your money.

Don’t leave your financial future to chance

The decisions you make and the actions you take along the way, heavily influence your financial future.  It pays to take stock of what you have today and think about what you would like to create for yourself and your family.  Our role is to understand you thoroughly and guide you to make well-informed decisions – or avoid making bad ones – that increase your personal wealth over time.  We take a genuine interest in helping you improve your financial situation, which can make a world of difference to the life you create in the long run.

Make your assets work harder

It is often the case that savings and investments are set up and then left to their own devices, which means they are not being fully taken advantage of or working efficiently.  Our investment process involves analysing your tolerance to investment risk and devising a portfolio that matches.  This is specifically tailored to your needs, depending on whether you are adding funds or drawing an income stream.  The portfolio is then re-weighted annually to ensure you are not over or under-exposed in each asset class.

Strategies to enhance your situation

There are often many ways in which a person or family unit can enhance their situation by adopting a number of financial strategies, ranging from simple to complex.  Not all strategies are appropriate for everyone, so the most important step is to understand what you are trying to achieve first.  This may include boosting retirement savings, reducing debt, reducing tax, improving cash flow or qualifying for Centrelink.  Once this has been identified we are able to model our recommendations to demonstrate how you will be better off.

Protect what’s important

Financial planning is about more than just making sure your money is doing as much as it can – it’s also about putting a fence around the wealth you are building in order to protect the people you care about.  Our process involves finding out what you would like to see happen financially upon death, disability or a critical illness, assessing your current fall-back positions and calculating the correct level of cover that matches.  Making provisions for the unexpected not only gives you peace of mind, but also your loved ones.

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  • Testimonials

    “With the advice we needed we were able to save thousands of dollars in fees and taxes relating to our superannuation alone. We restructured finances to better reflect our personal and family goals”

    “Right from my first meeting with Planning for Prosperity, Daniel was very open with me and has taken me through the process carefully and caringly with the aim to provide the best financial advice.”

    “They investigate and consider an array of options and variables, of which some we had not considered… It is a complete package that we feel confident and secure in, with our financial matters being optimally managed within a very open, approachable and professional environment.”

  • General Advice Warning

    Please view our General advice warning here.