The Consequences of Lower Interest Rates

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The Consequences of Lower Interest Rates

Interest rates

When interest rates rise or fall there are always winners and losers. Just like grain prices or variability of seasons, nothing much stays the same and it’s being able to ride out these changes and, even take advantage of them, that provides the opportunity to prosper. Whatever happens, there are always consequences. Ever since the […] Read More >

Why up-to-date financials are vital in your business

The value of saving

Those of us who run our own business tend to think we have a pretty good handle on what we do.  When you think about it, besides ‘doing the job’, there are a lot of other unseen functions within the business that need to be done during the year to ensure that you’ll still be […] Read More >

Some pointers about Succession Planning

Farm Succession Planning

In my 20 plus years in the financial services industry I have noted that very few small family operated businesses have a truly effective succession plan in place that provides direction and security for all concerned. This important aspect is often avoided or dismissed as not being important or something that can always be addressed […] Read More >

Navigating through the complexities of grain marketing

Marketing grain

Working with farmers has taught me a lot about the complexities of what goes into running a successful operation.  The process needs to be carefully managed throughout the year to give the best chance of growing a good crop, only to rely on the weather and grain prices to ensure it translates to a financial […] Read More >