Getting the most from your super

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Getting the most from your super

Buying farm land using superannuation

There’s a lot said, written and discussed about superannuation.  I know it’s generally not a popular topic amongst business people and farmers in particular.  The main objection is that they can’t use their superannuation savings in their business. While it might be a wonderful off-farm asset to have, running a business like farming needs lots […] Read More >

Only buy investments you understand

Planning your financial future

In other articles I’ve written about buying land through superannuation, the focus has been on the huge savings in tax.  While this is a motivating factor and good reason to use this strategy, it’s not the only major advantage.  There’s an old adage that says ‘only buy investments you understand.’  For a farmer who is […] Read More >

How to buy farm land through superannuation

Buying farm land using superannuation

Because of the generally large outlay in purchasing farm land, invariably most will go down the path of borrowing.  Most times the decision to buy more land is not something that is planned because land is quite tightly held and opportunities only present from time to time.  Farming is capital intensive so I don’t know […] Read More >

The real benefit of using superannuation to purchase investment property

Use superannuaton to buy investment property

When buying investment property the most valuable benefit of the superannuation and gearing strategy is the tax effectiveness of repaying the loan. Very simply, repayment of any loan principle is not a tax deductible expense (interest, depreciation and associated costs are).  This means that any principle payments must be made with after tax dollars.  Under […] Read More >

Buying rural land the smart way at EPIC’s Grain Marketing Expo

Buying farm land using superannuation

In August we headed over to the Eyre Peninsula to be part of EPIC’s grain marketing expo. The expo is held every second year and features a range of grain marketing firms in the one room to present to local growers. We were invited to speak on a different topic of interest – Buying rural […] Read More >