Time and Patience is key to Successful Investing

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Time and Patience is key to Successful Investing

Time and Patience is key to Successful Investing There’s no doubt that time seems to be a commodity that we all think is in short supply. This almost seems absurd when you consider how we’ve progressed as a society that enjoys virtually limitless access to so many time-saving services and products. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of […] Read More >

Why Active Investment Management is a Zero Sum Game

There have been some negative headlines in the press recently criticising investment fund managers of underperforming their relevant benchmarks.  These results were highlighted in the most recent S&P Global annual scorecard which tracks the performance of almost 1,000 actively managed funds versus their benchmark index.  An index is simply a way of tracking a number […] Read More >

3 Key Steps to Successful Investing

The value of saving

The process of investing money can be quite tricky. There are many different markets and options to choose from, which can make it quite overwhelming for most. Before a single dollar is invested it is important to know the purpose of the investment other than to “make money”. Identify your timeframe A good starting point is […] Read More >