Is an investment property an income or capital growth asset?

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Is an investment property an income or capital growth asset?

Planning your financial future

I think most people see property as a growth asset and that would also include the funds management industry.  Possibly the reason for this is because of the generally high capital growth that has been experienced for almost 2 decades. On a long term historical measure this is unusual as the average growth rates have […] Read More >

Can you contribute to super with something other than cash?

Use superannuaton to buy investment property

I’m sure that most people would think that cash is the only way to contribute to superannuation.  This is by far the most common way but isn’t the only method.  Assets such as shares and real estate can also be contributed to superannuation as an in-specie transfer.  This can be a handy strategy if you […] Read More >

Doing your homework when buying an investment property

There’s been a swag of articles recently about the huge increase in investment property ownership which is now more significant than the first home buyers or second home buyers market combined.  I suspect that self managed super is becoming an increasingly popular method of purchase which might reflect the large amount of advertising and promotion […] Read More >