Dont throw assets away for Jan 1 Centrelink changes

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Dont throw assets away for Jan 1 Centrelink changes

RETIREES worried about tougher new age pension rules are trying to lower their Centrelink-assessable assets through buying funeral bonds and other strategies. In a recent article published in by Anthony Keane, several Financial experts including David Koch and Planning for Prosperity’s own Bob Budreika were interviewed on the impact of the impending Centre-link entitlements and […] Read More >

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Happy New Financial Year

Happy new finanical year

People generally see the passing of a new year as a significance event. Often it’s at that time when people create their new year’s resolutions. Resolution is another word for goal or objective. As we all know, not too many people are successful in achieving their goals.  Why is this? From my experience, both personally […] Read More >

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You Don’t Know what you Don’t Know

Self Managed Superannuation

There’s a simple saying I often use: “You don’t know what you don’t know”.  In a roundabout way what this phrase is saying is that making important decisions without getting all the facts can have very long lasting consequences.  There are lots of examples where this rings true.  I can think of my own situation […] Read More >

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Volume Bonuses still rife with Financial Planners

Divorce or separation and self Managed Super

Over recent years there has been a focus for the financial planning industry to move from product-centric sales to financial advice.  New FOFA legislation (Future of Financial Advice) was recently introduced to ensure changes occurred but with some good old fashioned lobbying from big banks and various interest groups, largely nothing happened. For years I’ve […] Read More >

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The great complacency of Australia

Dog Days by Ross Garnaut

I recently finished reading a great book titled ‘Dog Days’ by Ross Garnaut. While it might have a fiction sounding title, it’s a non-fiction economic book. Ross Garnaut is very well known as a Professor, Government adviser and Board member of several well known Australian companies. For some time I’ve held the same view as […] Read More >

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The value of financial advice

The value of saving

In running a small business, we receive regular feedback and service from other key individuals that advise us on all facets of what we do.  This includes advice from a business coach, our accountant and a ‘web guy’ to help us manage our website – just to name a few.  Each brings a different skill […] Read More >

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